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Googly Monsters by RareBeastJoanna Googly Monsters :iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 0 0
Mature content
Why? :iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 0 0
It's Showtime! by RareBeastJoanna It's Showtime! :iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 3 3 RGB by RareBeastJoanna RGB :iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 1 0 Abe the Modelkon by RareBeastJoanna Abe the Modelkon :iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 26 6 LoveNature by RareBeastJoanna LoveNature :iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 2 1
My Friend Eddie
Rest in peace Eddie,
you were a great guy,
may you have lots of fun
in that studio in the sky.
There's lots of light up there,
You can draw to heart's content,
Scenes full of inspiration,
All those games you can invent.
There's a great view of your family,
Including cats galore;
You helped save my cat Harry
So to you he'll wave a paw.
At least there is no crunch time,
You are free to have some fun,
And that rest will last forever,
See you later, when I'm done.
:iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 1 2
Horse by RareBeastJoanna Horse :iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 4 0 Space by RareBeastJoanna Space :iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 4 1
Sumatran Cheese
I went to Indonesia; a conservation trip,
the trip it was fantastic, although I hit a blip;
no rainforests have fridges, few rainforests have cheese,
my friend had saved some in-flight snacks, she offered, I said "please!".
The cheesy chunk it made my day, but it was not enough,
I didn't miss the chocolate but cheese deprivation's rough.
The only cheese available was one that stands the heat,
it looked congealed; a stinking jar that nobody would eat.
Oh UK cheese I missed you; when I returned via plane,
I grabbed a cheesy sandwich before my brain went insane.
I missed the dairy goodness of a mature tasty snack,
oh cheese I thought of you; I'd go to Sumatra and back!
Next time I go adventuring I'll learn from this mistake,
and bring a mobile fridge packed full of milk, cheese, and cheesecake.
:iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 1 0
FriendsAndFamily by RareBeastJoanna FriendsAndFamily :iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 0 0 Drowning by RareBeastJoanna Drowning :iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 1 2
I Don't Need a Map
I love you Grandad Fred and you'll always be in my heart,
Your body may have passed away yet we won't be apart,
If you can hear me where you are I'll sing a song for you,
You don't need that old hearing aid; it can go in the loo.
We miss you Grandad Fred; we always think of you with love,
And if there is a heaven then we know you're up above,
If you can see me where you are I hope you like the view,
You don't even need glasses 'cause your eyes are good as new.
Our memories my Grandad Fred are what keep you alive,
I know I get lost easily but trust me; I'll survive,
If you can tell me where you are when time comes the Wright crew
Will listen closely and you'll see your words will filter through.
We'll find you Grandad Fred and we're so glad you're not in pain,
And if you have a new body it's working well again,
Although I think I'll tell you since for now we may have parted;
When we were young you made us laugh each time you went and... told a joke.
An attempt to find an appropriate, se
:iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 5 3
The Altering of Fate
You have a fated angel
Fated not to love
Fated neither seeing stars
Nor rainbows up above
Though you try all day and night
To get beyond the black
Something always blocks your way
Or starts to pull you back
You try and do your duty
You try not be afraid
You think you’ve got it sussed
And in your mind you’ve got it made
You try to let the people see
The light you have inside
You scream and shout to let it out
But it just seems to hide
But can you build your fate up high
Something to set you free?
Let’s hope my friend the dark will end
To see what you can be
:iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 1 0
Tears Theme Tune Lyrics
When the lights go out,
and the Sandman walks in,
Your thoughts fly about,
and the dreams they begin.
Nightmares can't harm you,
Your parents said,
But their words whilst you are in bed,
are dead.
They didn't teach you,
How to fight,
The things that go,
BUMP in the night...
The problem with not fighting,
You should beware;
Is when sun comes up, fears will still,
be there.
Shadows will plague you,
While you're awake,
It is up to you,
the path that you take.
To save your soul,
you should confront your fears,
If nightmares win it will end up in...
:iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 1 0
Classroom Monsters
Teacher, teacher, why when I’m all alone in my bed at night,
Do the monsters come?
Oh they give me such a fright;
There are zombies in the closet,
And a Vampire in the hall,
And I say “please leave” politely,
But it does no good at all,
And there’s a brown thing under my bed!
Well my Dear, you read too many stories,
They are not real things you know; they’re in your head you see,
Oh dear me you’ve got too much imagination,
Do you like to read scary books when your time is free?

Yes Maam, yes Maam, but why then can I see them if they are pretend?
Like the great brown thing,
Well it says that it’s my friend,
But I really don’t believe it,
When it comes out from my bed,
It has rows of tiny sharp teeth,
And a weird thing on its head,
And it follows me everywhere!
Well my Child, put away your nasty books,
There are nice ones about puppies you can read you see,
Please stop kidding; parents think it’s what I’m teaching,
:iconrarebeastjoanna:RareBeastJoanna 2 0


Amigurumi Parasaurolophus Dinosaur 1 by MevvSan Amigurumi Parasaurolophus Dinosaur 1 :iconmevvsan:MevvSan 83 6 Bangarang by samanthadoodles Bangarang :iconsamanthadoodles:samanthadoodles 3,040 194 Secret Ranger Hideout by saltytowel Secret Ranger Hideout :iconsaltytowel:saltytowel 368 106 The Cat Totem by Bakenekoya The Cat Totem :iconbakenekoya:Bakenekoya 131 9 We all have Angels by michellemonique We all have Angels :iconmichellemonique:michellemonique 9,296 650 Love on the beach by FrancescaDelfino Love on the beach :iconfrancescadelfino:FrancescaDelfino 294 21 Drunk Wizard by Nytz Drunk Wizard :iconnytz:Nytz 2 1 Emerald Warrior by TheArtOfLegwear Emerald Warrior :icontheartoflegwear:TheArtOfLegwear 10 2 Cookie Monster Cupcakes by cakecrumbs Cookie Monster Cupcakes :iconcakecrumbs:cakecrumbs 9,103 1,227 Music by SquareBugArt Music :iconsquarebugart:SquareBugArt 8 6 lightful floor by Andrea1981G lightful floor :iconandrea1981g:Andrea1981G 52 4 japanese landscape by AngeniaC japanese landscape :iconangeniac:AngeniaC 1,968 101 Kusudama Garland (in progress) by fabeogardinier Kusudama Garland (in progress) :iconfabeogardinier:fabeogardinier 64 13 Giraffe Fashion Parade by Hippopottermiss Giraffe Fashion Parade :iconhippopottermiss:Hippopottermiss 2,501 243 Raspberry by Neelai Raspberry :iconneelai:Neelai 11 2 Angry Tiger - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts Angry Tiger - Ballpoint Pen :iconvianaarts:VianaArts 9,757 0


Favourite favourite favourite... lovely colours and I like how the bright contrasts with the dark. It reminds me of trees; greens of sp...



Well it's been a topsy turvy, llama-filled first month on Deviant Art. I believe I'm getting used to things and performing less bloopers so cheers all around, it's one big learning experience. My gallery is filling up nicely and I still have an abundance of things to enter, and even a few more areas to add to my gallery. I hope you enjoy the creative treats to come (possibly literally)!

If anyone fancies any commissions feel free to give me a poke and I'll see what I can do.

All the best,
From Jo

P.S I think the highest llama badge you can earn should be the Dalai Llama, it would be fun. It would be a happy and peace-loving llama.


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